Gipsy Hall Farm

Pedigree Livestock and Farmgate Produce

Gipsy Hall Farm is located in Wilmcote, Stratford Upon Avon in the heart of Shakespeare's County. Supplying fantastic sustainable Longhorn beef

We are proud to be home to a growing herd of Pedigree Longhorn Cattle and a flock of Easycare & Pedigree Valais Blacknose Sheep. We are constantly evolving to meet the requirements of our environment and customers and hope to be moving towards a more sustainable future.

In 1947, Jack and Joan Brookes moved to Gipsy Hall and started a Dairy herd of Ayrshire Cattle and Pig herd of Large Blacks. Eighteen years later, in 1965, Alan Brookes joined his father. 

Over time, the pigs were phased out as Alan had to give up time with them to take charge of the Ayrshire Cattle as it became difficult to find a good Stockman.

Gipsy Hall suffered a devastating fire in 1969, causing major damage to the cattle sheds and equipment. With no feed to last out the winter, there was no choice but to disperse the Dairy herd. A suckler herd of beef cattle evolved from the ashes to keep the business going.

Alan's interest in Charolais cattle from years before encouraged him to start a Pedigree herd in 1985, which quickly grew and saw success over the next 30 years.

In 2017, Peter Brookes finished his education and began work on the farm at 18, as his father, Alan, did before him. Working as an apprentice, he spent time at Moreton Morrell College to complete his agricultural qualifications.

It was decided in 2019 to finally withdraw from the Pedigree Charolais herd book following growing unhappiness with the direction of the breed.

The Gipsy Hall Pedigree Longhorn herd was founded in 2020 and rapidly expanded to 26 suckling Cows and 2 Bulls by 2022. 

The first step into the local consumer market started in 2023 when we sold 15 beef boxes to our local community, allowing us to create a unique product not found on supermarket shelves, low food miles with clear traceability straight back to the fields of Gipsy Hall.

We entered 2024 with our second round of Longhorn beef available with a new strategy that allowed us to double our customers and make it financially promising. 

Some  of our favourite reviews

5 Stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ on Google

Andy Maguire

All the positives could be the best steak 🥩 iv had for a long time

Keep up the great job 👏

Cheryl Matthews

Fantastic tasting beef. I had the mixed cuts and didn't know what I was getting, it has not disappointed. Was nice to try different cuts Ive not cooked before. What we've had so far is the best meat we've tasted for a long time. I love the fact that it’s literally from a few miles down the road. Definitely hope to get some more soon, highly recommend.

Paul Bingham 

First time buying a box, won’t be the last. So far have only cooked mince (I know but it’s really tasty even unseasoned, try it when frying) and stewing steak, both excellent. Looking forward to the joints and steaks too. Great to support a local business and the longhorn breed. Would love to buy more specific cuts - bone-in shin, chuck joints, cheeks etc too if possible please Peter. 

Helen Williams 

I’ve just bought a beef box from Gipsy Hall Farm. The beef was beautiful packed and presented so I could put it straight in the freezer.

So far we have eaten a rolled top rib joint, it was delicious, the meat was very tender and extremely tasty. We also bought some liver, the best I have ever eaten!

We are looking forward to eating the rest. 

Sue & David Bates 

Just received our second beef box from Peter.  Grateful to be able to support local business & eat locally sourced meat  .... literally 200 yards local! Thank you 

Clare Shilvock 

Wow! We’ve just enjoyed the most delicious Longhorn Rump Steaks from Gipsy Hall Farm. Thank you, PJ and Team Brookes.  Amazing taste and excellent quality meat.  Definitely warrants the seal of approval from this Master Butcher’s granddaughter! 🏅 xx 

Sarah Williams 

Great people and service. Quality beef. Will be back for the next round of meat. 

Warren Girling 

Excellent quality beef from a family run farm