Stoke Quinlan

We bought Quinlan as a Senior Bull from the Stoke Longhorn herd at Cherry Lodge Farm

He sired our 2023 born Longhorn Calves

We've found that he produces great calves with fantastic feet.

He is still a very strong Bull and shows what a good naturally grown animal can be

Gentons Victor

Victor sired our 2024 born Longhorn Calves, he has a lovely temperament and brilliant conformation

We look foward to  see how his calves turn out

Gentons Titan

Titan was our first Longhorn to arrive at Gipsy Hall Farm. We originally planned to use him on our commercial Charolais cows, but we were so impressed with him and the herd at Lesser Farm that we decided to start our own Pedigree Longhorn herd.

He has the most wonderful temperament and loves scratches and attention.

He was featured on the Christmas Special of Call the Midwife where he was filmed in a church during their nativity scene.